Trust No Fox on Green Heath and No Jew on His Oath / Trau keinem Fuchs auf grüner Heid und keinem Jud bei seinem Eid


By Julius Streicher. Translated from the rare and much sought after Third Reich original.

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SC. 45pp.

The father of the Jew is the devil

When God, the Lord, created the world,

He thought up the races:

Indians, Negroes and Chinese

And Jews as well, the evil beings.

And we, we were also there:

Germans in great diversity. –

Then he gave all a patch of earth,

So it would be cultivated with sweat.

The Jew didn‘t join in!

From the very start the devil rode him.

He didn‘t want to produce, just swindle.

With the first note he learns lying

From devil-father fast and well

And then writes it in the Talmud*. –

On the Nile shore of the Pharaoh

He saw this folk and thought this:

„I will lash the lazy fellows!

Now they must carry bricks for me!”

The Jew did that with „ouch” and „wah”.

There was „wailing” and shouting

And bent backs, broad slouching –

Even today one still sees them shuffle so.

With hanging mouth and twitching nose

And rage-distorted eye twinkles!

They owe that to the Pharaoh,

Who punished their laziness so. –

The Jews soon had enough!

The devil carried them to Germany.

Into the land did they want to sneak,

The Germans were supposed to withdraw.

*Der Talmud = the book with Jewish laws for criminals.