Dietrich Eckart: A German Life


Translated from the German Dietrich Eckart, ein deutsches Leben, which is in turn the first chapter of the 1928 edition of Alfred Rosenberg’s book Dietrich Eckart: Ein Vermächtnis.



Softcover. 52pp.

And after the confirmation that the new movement did not have the slightest respect for all the praised “politicians”, did not think about letting the “scum of mankind as miracle” be considered “enlightened statesmen”, he affirmed: “The German Workers Party practices only one thing, it practices, since it has existed, with the same passion, and this one thing – what do I just all it? – there is no name for it, it can only be felt; in any case, everything is contained within it, which the concepts openness, honesty, selflessness contain within themselves, reinforced by the concept Germandom [Deutschheit]. Something intangible in the masses has already long since, after all, disavowed the shameful belief that life exists only for fun, this genuinely Jewish desire plague; ‘heaven on earth’ no longer really draws, and were it also only because, despite all promises, it draws ever farther into the distance. The great suspicion has secretly arisen against the great lie. Countless languish, no, gnash teeth for the truth. But whoever believes there of being able to gain it without a sufficient feeling of strength and courage of affirmation, thoroughly deceives himself. What then carries the blame for the chaotic boiling up of the masses? The from selfishness emerging sissy-ness of our upper strata toward the parasitism of a bestial world of swindlers. For decades left defenseless as booty for the Jewish spirit, the crowd finally only felt it in the ruling power, power in itself, and went with the liar, yes, had to follow him, because only where strength shows itself does hope thrive, but aside from it nothing else was still present to which the stability needing folk would have been able to cling. Now the things indeed lie so that the masses begin to distrust the Jew as well, but they will not turn away from him until another, a higher energy flows toward them, that spiritual one, in whose steadfastness the great crooked one finds his master.”

With these beautiful words, the basic feeling is splendidly characterized, which has inspired the National Socialist Workers Party from the start and also through all human frailties today still carries it in the struggle against all anti-German forces. But from this unique stance followed for Eckart not only the relentless combating of overall Marxism, rather also a clear separation from the pseudo-nationalists. “Whoever skirts the Jewish Question, is my enemy, even if he descends in a straight line from Hildebrand and Hadubrand. I combat him to the knife, all the more passionately, the more shamelessly he shoulders the nationalist cape. There I prefer any pronounced Jews; one knows from the start what it is about. But to act, as if, and to merely act, as if, and with all the humbug of his whole following to push a lot of valuable fighting forces onto a sidetrack, even be it out of pure fear, I would not know what is more harmful to our folk. Careerist souls, nothing more, so the proper feast for the Jewish wire-pullers for Freemason league.