Germanic Culture of the Bronze Age


translated from the Third Reich original Germanische Kultur der Bronzezeit by Wilhelm Bergh. This brief work provides a fascinating look at the amazingly high level of culture, and even of technology, of Germanic man long before the ancient Greeks and Romans appeared in history. The several original illustrations are included.

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SC. 40pp.

“The Bronze Age is the thousand year golden age of Germanic man. Golden not only because Germanic man possessed much gold back then through his amber trade, which he knew how to work just like bronze into glorious works, rather also because his culture in this period gives the impression of great calm, unity and self-confidence. The first period of blossoming of Germanic culture has remained inwardly determinative for every Germanic later, and one cannot understand it without a penetrating knowledge of the Bronze Age.” (Wolfgang Schulz.) During the Bronze Age, Germanic man developed the glorious forms of his native decorative art, to which all expressly Germanic art is again and again tied in its basic lines. He created a peasant, life-bound religion with rich practices that have in part remained preserved to this day.