Master Life


Anton Holzner (the pseudonym for SS-Sturmbannführer Albert Hartl) was a former Catholic priest (!) who left the priesthood and the church and became an SS officer!

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The life that the divine has given us has not come to us as a coincidental fate.

We are happy that we ourselves can shape our life days and years into our life work.

In war and in peace, this life formation faces a person as an equally obligating demand. Often all strength and final personal devotion are needed in order to be able to master life in every situation, in order to strength the inner front. The following thoughts were published in the war special service of the “National Socialist Party Correspondence”, the “Inner Front” (WSK) as Sunday articles under the title “Front of the Hearts”, in the years 1940/41. They were printed in numerous newspapers of the Greater German Reich.

The thoughts in the short work “Eternal Front” (Nordland Publishing House, Berlin) are continued in this short work, “Master Life”.