Soldier Faith Soldier Honor


Translated from the Third Reich original Soldatenglaube Soldatenehre by Matthes Ziegler, which was published in 1939 in Berlin by the Nordland-Verlag. The subtitle “A German Breviary for Hitler-Soldiers” [“Ein deutsches Brevier für Hitler-Soldaten”] appeared on the original’s title page, but not on its front cover. This short work includes the soldier’s oaths for both the Wehrmacht and the Schutzstaffel, short chapters entitled “Your Folk”, “The Reich”, “Our Führer”, “The Flag Oath” and “The Duties of the German Soldier”, quotations from Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Alfred Rosenberg, Rudolf Hess and Hermann Göring, and poems by Heinrich Spitta, Lothar Stengel von Rutkowski, Eberhard Wolfgang Möller, Baldur von Schirach, Hans Baumann and Erybert Menzel.

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SC. 41pp.

But if you once become weak, if fear and terror overcome you in face of all the distress and all the horror around yourself, then do not dishonor your honorable struggle in that you throw yourself away. For in that you have fought with fear and with weakness, this has made your courage more firm and your fist harder. And if you have once been befallen by a weakness, then perhaps an opportunity already waits for you in order to compensate for your weakness through accomplishment. Such moments can be the loneliest and most immortal ones of your existence, and even the deepest comradeship man to man and leader to enlisted man. But do not surrender yourself in that you doubt yourself and lose yourself in thoughts and concepts that falsify our combat reality into a general human sinfulness and helplessness, and from this dangle before you a rescue though magical conveyance or through mechanical penance. The possibility that you can become weak does not by a long shot need to make you disheartened and hesitant or even mislead you to the dangerous opinion that you are incapable of life assertion. Decisive is solely that and how you again overcome the inner coward! Your brave self-confidence, however, gives you the strength for this, the unshakable certainty of comradeship and, above all, the thought of folk, Reich and Führer! Then you are also able to always so manage your action and restraint so that you can at any time step before the Führer’s eyes