The Birth of the Millenium


Translated from the Third Reich original Die Geburt des Jahrtausends, which was published in 1936 and dedicated to his sons Jörg and Wulf. The terms “law” [Gesetz] and “lawful” [gesetzmäßig] as used by Eggers in this book do not refer to jurisprudence, rather to a kind of law of nature, namely the law of one’s own true nature. “Order” refers to the natural order, living and acting in accordance to this law.

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Softcover. 131pp.

In my book “Live Bravely and Die Courageously”, I undertook the attempt to write a catechism of total German ethics.

In this volume, I want to present in broad outlines the German soul’s struggle for freedom and speak of the germination of the folkish core of yearning, which, despite all the will for destruction and all the systematic persecutions by the power groups of the previous millennium, remained alive even under the Reich’s ruins.

Our time has in mighty upheavals created the prerequisites for the birth of a new millennium; it also gave birth to a new faith!

The throes of every birth are painful, but it would be criminal to prevent a birth for the sake of the pains, and it would be just as senseless to postpone a birth through whatever means.

I have not shunned to rebuke the demand for narcosis from certain circles: whoever cannot bear the severity of the causality of creative events, will not be given a homeland right in the new millennium.

I hope in not too distant future to be able to speak in a third volume of the face of the new millennium, of the millennium that is homeland of the strong and incorruptible.