The Führer’s Courage


by Ernst Günther Dickmann. Hitler as an example of faith and confidence for the entire folk in difficult times. Translated from the Third Reich original.

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The following chapters report of the Führer’s example in hours of greatest distress, which appeared around New Years 1939/1940 in German newspapers as a contribution to the spiritual readiness of the German folk for the coming decisions. Even during the preparation of their publication of this manuscript unprecedented German military deeds have written world history in blood and iron and elevated the Führer personality Adolf Hitler to highest glory as a field commander. His incomparable example has multiplied itself to an unimagined extent in countless examples of bravery, and his unshakable faith was crowned with the most splendid victories. The strength of his personality, whose compelling power made the German folk capable for its fateful struggle, continues to effect the coming tasks of Europe’s reorganization. That the greatness of his character and the courage of his hearts make him eternal in the countless generations of German men, is the German folk’s certain confidence and holy decision.

Example for the Folk

It is one of the rarest appearances in the life of a folk, that after an epoch of undignified sleepiness and apathy the example an of a towering personality pulls up the masses of millions and simultaneously ignites as a spark the blazing fire. What the folk owes to the example of its great men, and how it can grow as an entirety and as a community from the figure of one individual, we experience with wonder and moving in the present time which recognizes Adolf Hitler as the world-view Führer for the realization of his great ideas.

Before our eyes and hearts stands his figure in sheer incomprehensible greatness. The might of is faith, his spiritual strength, the consequence of his character cannot be grasped by the average person. He only senses the overwhelming force, and when he strives to find its sources, he stumbles on the fullness of the examples proven men. Examples through which the political leader, demanding what is due, steps in front of his following.

Destiny, calling and leadership did not into Adolf Hitler’s lap. A thousandfold did he have to pay for them with sacrifice and effort, blood, disappointment and stubborn new start. That he was spared the minor human aggravations, only makes the man even greater, who already during his life time has become an almost mythical figure. As he mastered the details, is exemplary. So does he also master the big things. By his reaching for the stars with his idealism, he elevated folk above itself; by his remaining realistic, practical and full of life, he give it the strength to survive the daily political and economic struggle. Adolf Hitler’s life offers more than a classic example for how closely in the existence of men and nations and banal and the sober can stand to the lofty and the enthusing. Only whoever deals successfully with both masters the time and life. Whoever fails at one, fails in the entirety.

The greatest in our eventful time remains the example of the man Adolf Hitler. It is even more effective, because it is today a living appeal to the entire German folk. We must now survive our struggle of fate. The loom at the Führer is our greatest advantage over each enemy, for he strengthens our folk soul and draws the clouds of discouragement, despair and exhaustion from our brow, which can all to easy cover the folk’s head without the highest example.

There is no one among us to whom this example has nothing to say. Man and woman, child and oldster, port and rich, each German needs the gaze upward to the human form of the greatest German, whose contemporaries we are allowed to be. That is equally valid for each age group, each profession and each social circle. For there is no distress in our folk that Adolf Hitler has not experienced himself; there is no resistance in an individual’s comparable to the resistance that Adolf Hitler has broken, and no task great enough to let itself be measured against his tasks in any hour of his life.