The SS Looks at America


Translated from the SS original.


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The SS Looks at America was translated from the original SS magazine Germanische Leithefte, specifically the first two issues of the third (1943) volume. Germanische Leithefte was aimed primarily at the NON-GERMAN Waffen-SS men, most of whom were volunteers from other Germanic lands.

The author (of at least a part) had travelled extensively throughout the United States both before and after the great stock market collapse of 1929. Not surprisingly, he shows mixed feelings toward America. On the one hand is awe for the vastness and beauty of the land and respect for the accomplishments of the predominantly Germanic colonists and pioneers. On the other hand is outrage over the rape of the land by big business and the domination of American life by a relatively small Jewish minority, resulting in America becoming Europe’s enemy in the rear during theGerman-led struggle against the Asiatic Soviet Union.

Likewise the Anglo-American is viewed both as a Germanic brother folk and as a negative influence in the sense of plutocratic exploitation. (Interestingly, hardcore Anglo-American agitation to save “mother England” is not even briefly mentioned. America’s entry into World War One is attributed to the interests of capital, and in World War Two to Jewry.) Instead, emphasis is put on the emergence of the non-European power USA as Europe’s competitor and as a bad influence on European culture.

Some of his statements would have put a smug smile on the face of an American reader in the 1950’s. But they trigger a different reaction today. Although the dust bowel is gone, America’s social and racial problems worsen. Even more discomforting in the post cold war era is his prediction of the transformation of America’s image throughout the world from benevolent liberator against tyranny to arrogant enforcer of a new world order based on greedy American capitalism. At the same time, the image of “the American way of life” and “American values” likewise degenerates from the pursuit of liberty, justice and freedom to worship of crass materialism, negation of all culture and subversion of morality itself.