SS Creed – Volume Five: Denmark


translated from original SS publications. All except for the very last article come from various issues of the Germanische Leithefte, which was aimed primarily at the non-German volunteers of the Waffen-SS. Some of these articles were written by the leader of the Danish National Socialist Workers’ Party, Fritz Clausen, and others by various Waffen SS volunteers. Still other articles deal with the (original) Danish vikings of a thousand years ago, the English bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807 and the German/Danish War of 1864. The original illustrations are also included.

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SC. 51pp.

The soldier, despite all exertions, now and then has time to think and ponder. Then thoughts come and go. Events glide past. The imagination paints the future in colorful, strong colors.

The family members at home are still no National Socialists. Especially the father is a stubborn opponent. Talking does not help any more – countless arguments have already proven that.

No, now action is required. We now have the opportunity to show what we are worth. We know that all the future is at stake.

At the same time, however, all of us have deep inside our personal little struggle as well, our own little victory-goal next to the big one. That is perhaps not National Socialistic, one could presume in an insecure hour. And yet, how natural is it, that the many youths, who were for years shaped by the same region, the same circle of acquaintances, their own little battle ground, are interested in how the chime of victory will effect precisely those who stand closest to them.

There is one’s own father. – What will he say, if the son one day comes home with the Iron Cross? He would have to be a strange fellow, if that did not give a little nudge against his defiance. And if one could just bring him far enough to have some interest in the guidelines of the new Europe that the SS has given us. Reason might then fully persuade him, although the English propaganda through decades of work in the north has twisted even the so-called clever minds.

Clever minds…In school one learns that a clever mind is always synonymous with clear and objective reason. Objectivity, passivity and neutrality were the ideal that was inoculated into us young people.

One studied Soviet compositions, read Jewish intellectual treatises against the Third Reich, and the jump to parlor room Bolshevism was not big.

How often has one become angry about his shortsighted and conceited comrades. Jazz, swing, twisted art views and precocious discussions about Jewish theories in the area of sex.

And if one considers it rightly, the great misfortune for them in this war is not – as they wish to portray it – the burdens it imposes on all of mankind. No, basically they are only peeved, for example, because the war does not leave any gasoline for father’s automobile and they cannot pick up the banker’s daughter in the evening when, wearing smoking jacket and coat with the Union Jack on the lapel, they go to the swing-jazz-orgy with English lisped songs and Negroid throat sounds.

How happy can we in the Waffen SS be that we have gained insight into something else as opposed to this poisoned and misled youth without ideals and positive life goal.

In service here in the Waffen SS the false concepts that were put into our heads by democracy have given way to the natural gaze of Nordic man for life. One almost no longer trusts one’s eyes, if one day one suddenly stands there without these blinkers of democracy.

No more distortions. Life is shown to us as it has been created by nature. Through the irrefutable results of biological race-research one has suddenly come into touch with life itself, one suddenly understands the meaning of the whole.

Afterward it no longer seems coincidental that precisely Nordic man has founded and will secure the high position of the White man on the globe. Therefore it is also not indifferent and also no longer my “private affair”, which woman I select or whether or not I have offspring. And if you ask the about secret and meaning of our existence, you do not need the foggy theories of religious lunatics. Go out into nature, you son of the north! Look at the old oak tree with the huge trunk and simultaneously pay attention to the little blade of grass under the oak tree. Under that, perhaps, lies the seed of a new oak that in centuries will be just as old as the old one is now. Look how the little white children’s hands grip the scratched gold ring on grandmother’s wrinkled hand. Look and comprehend!

Is there a life after this one? – People have asked that through the millennia. Cunning speculators have known how to get the last little silver coin from the pocket of the poor man under the pretence that they knew exactly or had been sent by the highest one and brought salvation. Now the truth is finally here. It has come to us through the Führer: the folk is eternal, and you will on in this folk. We do not live on as blueish soul shadows in an unreal beyond.

But the small being with the smooth skin over the firm hand lives on – and with him one’s own flesh and blood. In him your health and strength and life will unite anew.

Nordic man – what a proud past, but above all what a magnificent future lies before your feet! Through our blood the land is today conquered that nature has created for us. History offers it to us once again. But this time the victory will be final for us, this time we do not sacrifice our blood in vain.

The meter-thick humus soil of broad stretches of the east under Nordic work fists! An endless view.

Finally, our race finds work peace. Through this war we reach the gate to the great work out there on the humus, which should bring blessing and bread to the whole race.

Soldierly ability and the superiority of our spirit give us the right to it. Nature will not allow its own work, which has now reached its zenith in Nordic man, to be annihilated by the hand of the barbarian. So it sent us the man who shows us the path against the destructive forces – Adolf Hitler.

He also shows us the path to the new regions in the east, where our race can find new soil for growth. It will grow greatly, so greatly that nobody in the coming millennium will be able to take from us the space won by our swords.

What a proud task for us young Danes as well! How hot does the blood race through the veins at the thought of it!