548 S-01-03 Attack Against the National Socialist World-view


by Dieter Schwarz. Translated from the SS original. Examines ideological opponents, including “political Catholicism”.

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Softcover. 42pp.

One is often asked these months by foreigners and even by Germans, why National Socialists still speak of the “struggle” they must wage. National Socialism has, after all, achieved power in an unprecedented manner, held it for years, and Hitler’s leadership is fully affirmed by the people, as election results have shown again and again. Why still “struggle”? What for and against whom?

Indeed, the people posing this question would be right, lf National Socialism only sought state power. That would have been accomplished by taking over the state apparatus, occupation of the government position, and control of the legislative branch. The political control of all of these functions would have meant the successful conclusion of the struggle. Then National Socialism would have today already achieved its goal.

For when 99% of the folk affirm the government, this is without doubt the most splendid inner security that any government can achieve.

But National Socialism is a world-view that is based on certain firm and unchanging, fundamental values: these are leadership, following, race, folk, community, nationalism, socialism and Germandom.

As a world-view, National Socialism has given itself the goal of not ending its struggle until the German folk and the German state are thoroughly permeated by these fundamental values in every sphere. This means until its whole public and cultural life – art, theater, film, education, sciences, school and family as well as its economic life and professions – and not least the conduct of life by each individual German, receives form from these fundamental values and is lived new each day.

Indeed, not because this is “demanded”, not because a party organization watches and not because some party functionary orders it, rather because each German himself deeply believes in these fundamental values of race, leadership, following, Germandom and community, because they are the self-evident moral guidelines for his action and life, and because he no longer wants to or can act otherwise.

If we again ask the question whether National Socialism has already achieved the goal of its struggle, then we certainly see at once that we stand at the beginning of this struggle. The rise to power has merely set the groundwork for this struggle. The election of March 29, 1936 has led the Germans into a great community of good intentions. But it will require the tireless efforts of generations before we have transformed the German life reality into this ideal that hovers above us.

We know that in this struggle there will not be two groups. One of them thinks they are already “genuine, finished National Socialists without blemish or blame”. Like Jewish Pharisees they point to themselves and cry out to the others: “Look at us! You must be like us!” No! Precisely those who claim to belong to the Führer’s core troop will work with the most passionate zeal to achieve these fundamental values in their own life conduct.

For the SS this means that each of its men, wherever life finds him – at the lathe or at a desk, in a factory, behind the plough, at the rostrum or in an office -, his political will, his thought and deed, his work and his life are permeated by these National Socialist fundamental values of folk community, socialism, Germandom and race.

The huge effort by human will and spiritual discipline necessary for this is obvious. It is no less difficult to prove the hundreds, perhaps not always intentional, misconceptions and misinterpretations, as well as the falsifications of the fundamental values that occur even after 1933 to our very day. This happens to such a degree that it is worthwhile to gather evidence from the abundance of attempts to undermine National Socialist fundamental values.

Three different fundamental processes to undermine or falsify a National Socialist fundamental value can be distinguished.

First, the harmless occurrence of a mere misunderstanding, even though its frequency blocks many from a deeper understanding of National Socialist intent.

Second, more dangerous is the process whereby hundreds of followers of various world-views, perhaps even with good intentions, try to produce “proof” that National Socialism has “adopted” decisive basics from their world-view or that their views had already always been largely in agreement with those of National Socialism. These are followers of various philosophical or scientific teaching’s of the old party-political basics or other political ideas or even of religions or sects of whatever kind.

The basic values of folk community or leadership, the idea of the “Reich” or “socialism” or “nation” etc. obtained an interpretation that on the one hand claimed to be National Socialist, but in reality was anything but National Socialist and instead sought to impose other, totally alien, even hostile concepts and goals upon the National Socialist concepts of Reich, leader or race.

The meaning of National Socialist fundamental values had been twisted, falsified and “reinterpreted”.

The danger of such reinterpretations of National Socialism is all the greater because the fundamental values of the National Socialist world-view are deeply interwoven. One value supports and supplements the other. The sabotage of one value necessarily puts the others in question. For example, a false concept of race undermines the concepts of the Germanic, the Nordic, the folk and the folk community. A false concept of leadership undermines the concepts of following, personality and freedom.

Furthermore, Such “also National Socialism” was and is promoted by people who possess an intellectual agility developed with a long history, with a world-view/philosophical old methodology and an abundance of concept systems from old world-views.

3. There was and is a third process that puts the National Socialist world-view in danger.

This is the attack against the National Socialist world-view by direct enemies.

One must give them credit that they fully recognize the basic situation and act accordingly, They know that – following the defeat of the enemy organizations and parties by National Socialism – the National Socialist state can no longer be effectively attacked with force and means of power. Instead, they must direct their attack against the National Socialist world-view and its value concepts: race, leadership, following, community, national and social, folk and state. They must create doubt, put them down and falsify them as a threat to European spirit, as the beginning of decline and chaos. For these enemies of the National Socialist world-view know that in the final analysis they strike the National Socialist state, because this state rests upon this world-view.

And so the hostile circles abroad, emigrants and Jews at their head, went and continue to go to work. They use this method to pursue the spiritual and world-view surrounding of Germany. They translate their newspapers, pamphlets and books against National Socialist “race insanity”, against National Socialist “Führer dictatorship”, against “boundless nationalism” that dissolves “European solidarity” etc. into all European languages in order to call all foreign countries to a “crusade” against this dangerous, National Socialist world-view.

It is more regrettable when political Catholicism and even representatives of bourgeois-reactionary science or of Protestant Groups or even of old federations use the same arguments, although more carefully formulated, to help falsify and undermine the National Socialist fundamental values and thereby become the hacks of foreign enemies.