Capitulate, Never!


translated from the Third Reich original, is the famous speech by Dr. Goebbels’ State Secretary Werner Naumann delivered on March 23, 1945 in the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. This speech is an example of the Aushalten! Hold Out! – theme of the time. Furthermore, it specifically mentions the National Socialist Werwolf resistance movement. Werner Naumann was also the head of the famous “Gauleiter circle”, which after the war infiltrated the postwar FDP (Liberal Democratic Party) as part of a planned National Socialist take-over of the postwar regime in Germany.

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I then wish to point out one thing to you, to one example, which radiants so brilliantly in this dark time and justifies joy especially for us party comrades: I mean the wonderful defense of fortress Breslau under our party comrade Gauleiter Karl Hanke. The kind of Gauleiter we National Socialists want! He had declared that as the fighting came to Silesia, he did not ask what he should do, he designated a deputy, whom he sent to Hirschberg, and he himself nailed a proclamation on the walls of Breslau. ‘Breslau remains a fortress, Breslau will be defended! I will remain in this city, triumph in this city, or, if it is not allowed to me, let myself be buried in the ruins of my capital.’ A National Socialist! And in Breslau, as the master so the following, like the leader so his men, not all of them were to specially brave, when they were encircled. Today all of them are heroes, heroes! A Major entered Breslau with a battalion. The name of this Major is Mohr, a daring young Major and front officer. This battalion has grown into 14 battalions, which Major Mohr has assembled and which prove themselves splendidly in Breslau’s defense! Gauleiter Hanke has meanwhile, since he needs airports, levelled and burned the houses right and left of his promenade street, and his planes now land on the asphalt streets of his city. The sports field, where we once held the mass rallies, he has blown up and levelled this sports field, and he today uses the ash runway to evacuate wounded. In Breslau he has established a panzer factory and today again manufactures assault guns in Breslau. And he has also set up an ammunition factory, because one needs such a thing for the defense. Each should do that, who holds his office! And if he is encircled, then he should prove his loyalty to the Führer and to the German folk in that he ties up the enemy, draws off his forces from other fronts and inflicts as many casualties on him as possible. I know, regardless how the fighting in Breslau will end, that this fight in Breslau will one day became a beacon of the National Socialist movement just like the death of Horst Wessel or like the death of so many another martyr, who has fallen under the National Socialist banner.