Europe’s Liberation War


translated from the Third Reich original, Der Freiheitskampf Europas, is the text of the speech delivered by Reich Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop in Berlin on November 26, 1941.

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At that time, Ribbentrop – and much of Germany – believed that the Third Reich was close to winning the war!

Following the Blitzkrieg victories in the west, north and southeast, German armies had swiftly penetrated deep into Russia, inflicting gigantic casualties on the Red Army and coming to within striking distance of Moscow itself. The winter disaster had not yet turned things around. And Pearl Harbor, which brought America into the war, was still eleven days away. (Interestingly, Roosevelt is nonetheless called the person most responsible for the war.)

Under these circumstances, the German optimism of that time certainly seems understandable, indeed downright logical.

This also explains why England – instead of Russia or the United States – is portrayed as the main opponent. At that point, Germany had already been at war with England for over two years. And England was the last of the initial series of opponents still unvanquished.

On the other hand, the Soviet Union – after a mere five months (!) – seemed to be on the brink of collapse.

Of course, to the postwar reader, Ribbentrop’s words seem almost surrealistic. But precisely that is what makes them so interesting!

Second, Roosevelt claims to be fighting for the preservation of democracy. If he really wanted that, he would not seek war and ally himself with Bolshevik Russia. But since he does this, he on the contrary betrays his intention to establish absolute rule in America for himself and his Jewish brain trusts. Mr. Roosevelt is ready to sacrifice the blood of American sons for that.

Third, Roosevelt has allied himself with the greatest enemy of mankind, with Bolshevism. This, too, will – as earlier in other countries – lead to a great intensification of social opposites. Indeed, in our view President Roosevelt has, through this alliance with Soviet Russia, sowed the seed for one of the most devastating social catastrophes that will one day shake the American folk and throw it back for decades.

Fourth, Roosevelt’s alliance with atheistic Bolshevism must have serious consequences for the truth-loving, religious feeling of the American folk. Precisely this, however, appears to be desired by his Jewish advisors, who through the support of the fight for Bolshevik godlessness hope to promote their own materialistic goals.

I believe the day will come, when the American folk will awaken and make an accounting with its President and his Jewish advisors for a policy that is responsible for this war, which has agitated one nation after another into this war, and which now tries to also lead his own folk against America’s will into a war that America can never win and which will only demand terrible sacrifices from it.