SS Viewpoint – Volume Ten: Germany


Translated from the SS newspaper Das Schwarze Korps, select articles from 1941 to 1945. Each volume is focused on a specific theme. If you enjoyed our SS Culture and SS Creed series, you’ll enjoy this series as well.

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Each SC volume has 40-51pp.

A father, himself am old officer World War veteran, has now also lost the third and last son in the field. A friend of the house expresses his sympathy to him. From the reply of the old gentlemen speaks that escalation of the Eternal-German that we call in the best sense Prussianism.

“My wife and I thank you much for your friendly words of sympathy. Naturally, it is hard to lose all sons. But I am even harder. My greatest concern is not that the last boy has now fallen in battle, rather that I can send no more sons to the front as replacements. And that nobody will take me, because I am myself 72 years old.

“My wife has been hard hit, that is natural. But perhaps she will also get a stout heart and say: ‘Germany! Germany!’

“I myself would be very sad, if I now thought differently and I have thought, written and preached all my life. Germany! And not: ‘The boy, the boy!’ Besides, all three really took their path consciously and joyfully. The second as well, happily married, wife, four children, wrote just a few days before his end: ‘The most beautiful thing that I can imagine is: somewhere a wooden cross, on it my steel helmet.’ And three strove, even when another activity offered itself, toward the fighting front. Splendid that none disappointed me!

“With the Best Greetings,

“Your old Adolf Stein.”

The name of Major Adolf Stein was familiar to millions of Germans in the times of the intermediate Reich. He became even more popular under the fairy-tale name Rumpelstilzchen. Yes, it is the same man who once in countless essays and book took any spiritual credit from the spoilers of the Reich in the camp of all decent Germans and now stands so too the demands of his life work: even harder than the hard fate that met him.