Why We Fight


translated from the Third Reich original Wofür Wir Kämpfen, which was published by the German Army Personnel Office [Personalamt des Heeres] in 1944 with a forward by Alfred Rosenberg. Intended to bolster the fighting spirit and ideological foundation of the officer corps, it consists of 35 questions and answers. Subjects include: Jewry, Bolshevism, Freemasonry, England, America and National Socialism.

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Softcover. 105pp.

33. Wherein lies the significance of the special weight of this struggle?

For millennia, Nordic people have been defending Europe against the masses of folks, which stormed against Europe from the southeast, the south and the east. They not only held their own, rather they gave the occident its state and cultural structure. But that it did not perish, like many folks, despite the most difficult fighting with the surrounding world and embittered conflicts with alien worlds of ideas, proves its great strength, but also proves that is destined for something great.

It is typical for the destiny of our folk and its mission that, at a time when other nations conquered a world empire out of imperialistic object in view, it had to fight for its inner formation. The past centuries of fighting and struggle have made our folk hard and ripe for the present day realizations, have conveyed to our folk clear political and ideological consciousness. Today our folk has stepped with Adolf Hitler into its most important time.

Valuable German blood once flowed to the British Isles and America. It lost itself, carried by Jewish spirit, in imperialistic striving for world domination. Instead of having an ordering effect in the world, it allowed itself to be guided by uncreative striving for power. Today the energies of this blood turn against its ancestral homeland, against Europe. Its bearers, seduced by Jewry, commit the sole sin against the blood!

The USA distanced itself more and more from European culture. It did not achieve its own culture. Quite the opposite, it paid homage to Jewish un-culture [Unkultur] and even tied itself to the un-spirit [Ungeist] of the Russian-Asiatic steppe. Americanism and Bolshevism threaten the old honorable European culture. Both power groups, however, claim domination over the world. In their camp stands Jewry as driving force. Their goal is the domination and subjugation of the folks of the earth, is destruction and annihilation of natural orders. But precisely this goal turns these representatives of world domination striving into mortal rivals.

Between that stand both power groups of the young folks of Europe and East Asia, both of which emerged on the soil of old cultures. They strive for a creative concentration of already structured cultural spaces, such as Europe and East Asia, into higher political communities for protection against the Jewish-American-Bolshevik un-spirit [Ungeist]. This war shows ever more clearly that it is not only a German war. The present struggle will decide whether Americanism with Jewish materialism and high capitalism and the spirit of the steppe enslave the world or whether Germanic spirit, carried by National Socialist Germany, and the spirit of the old Asiatic culture will lead to a creative re-structuring of the world.

In this titanic struggle, there must be highs and lows. What does it mean there, if under circumstances even an entire front must be pulled back, because the situation compels seeking more favorable space for defense, after we have established fronts far beyond our borders deep into enemy land? At the end will stand victory, if we remain steadfast. We know that, because we are aware of our mission.

We are spoiled! Preserving bearing under the sign of victory is not hard.

No, in times of grave distress, fate weighs us. Whether we have enough character and greatness to to possess the great responsibility of the task intended for us.

A community can never be better than its limbs. The best limb of this community must be the German soldier. Each must prove that with his own person he passes the great test of fate.

In this difficult struggle, the Germanic virtues of honor, loyalty, readiness for action and valor, of voluntary obedience, will be taken to a unique height. These are the values, which give us victory, but also the values, which must determine our later peace work.

Our great future, which we want to win, justifies the great sacrifices, which must be brought, and is worthy of a sacrifice-rich action for a long duration. We win the foundation of the eternal Germanic-German folk and its Reich!

A neglect of our goals is synonymous with a gradual decline and would lead to a Third World War. For our opponents’ goals of annihilation are always the same. In this war, therefore, one must be destroyed, and that will not be us!

Has not the path of our folk from the lowest point in the year 1918 with its tenacious struggle for convalescence and its unique ascent since 1933 been a wonderful one? Can divine Providence show a folk the path even more clearly

The German folk fights its way through to great things. We National Socialists see the divine working for our folk! We believe in the coming great time, where under the Reich’s leadership Europe’s folks grow together into a creative community.