Winston Churchill – The Life of the General Criminal of World History


translated from the 1940 Third Reich originalWinston Churchill – Das Leben des Generalverbrechers der Weltgeschichte. It is a brief, very hostile, but still entertaining, biography of said politician.

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Softcover. 47pp.

“At the end of the Boor War I still believed that we had a genuine political democracy, led by a closely united elite of statesmen based on legacy and tradition. Back then I still had no idea what a big and unquestionably helpful role swindle plays in the existence of those folks that find themselves in the condition of democratic freedom.” – Winston Churchill

“In the realm of human energy nobody would have equaled the eruption of the German volcano in its manifestation in history. For four years Germany fought the five continents of the world on land, on water and in the air and defied them. Their arms supported their stumbling allies. They intervened successfully in every theater of war. They have stood superior on conquered soil and inflicted more than twice the blood losses on their enemies than they themselves suffered. In order to break their strength and their inventive spirit, it was necessary to lead all the great nations of mankind to the mark. Large populations, unlimited auxiliaries, endless spirit of sacrifice, the sea blockade – everything combined could not beat them for fifty months. Small states were trampled in the struggle, a mighty Reich was smashed into unrecognizable fragments, and almost 20 million people perished or shed their blood before the sword was twisted from their terrible hand. Truly, you Germans, for history that is enough!” – Winston Churchill

“May I say it? We barely got through! The more we learn about the war, the more one realizes on what a small, thin and dangerous thread our success had hung! At the first assault, France would have almost been annihilated! Just a little more and the u-boat war, instead of leading America to our side, would have forced us to surrender through hunger. Even after March 21, 1918 the danger was extremely great for France and the Channel harbors. It was a tied race right up to the end. But at the end we got through safely, because – the whole nation continued to work together resolutely, because our folk was healthy at the core!” – Winston Churchill