German Labour Service


Translated from the Third Reich original.

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Softcover. 43pp.

THE first task which the German Labour Service aims at accomplishing is to unite the youth of the nation into a real community, irrespective of class distinction. The barriers which have divided class from class and creed from creed are excluded from the comradeship of the Labour Service. These young men are not guided by any selfish ambitions or interests. Each one of them seeks only to serve the good of the whole. Without any pay for his labour, he takes the spade in his hand to improve the soil of Germany and thereby enhance the sources of national production. Sons of miners, civil servants, professors and farmers work together, shoulder to shoulder, and thus learn the practical significance of the words Nation and Socialism. And no matter to what position in life they return, they bring with them a clear consciousness of the truth that work is not only a means of earning money but is the moral basis of national life. By working in the Labour Service the youth of the nation is brought to realize the fact that work is a noble thing no matter what form it takes.

The second task before the Labour Service is to free Germany from the necessity of importing food supplies. When the programme allotted to the Labour Service for the next twenty years is fully carried out, Germany will have gained a new province, represented by the reclaimed land. And all this will be achieved through peaceful effort. Therewith Germany will be assured of sufficient home produce to feed her whole population. Broad expanses of marsh and moorland will be reclaimed through strenuous labour. Dykes will be built and good arable land will be won from the sea. Farms will be established and the saying of Frederick the Great will be verified: “Whoever produces two ears of grain where only one was formerly produced will render a greater service to his country than the Field Marshall who wins a great battle.”